Four Days on Holbox Island

Holbox Island has been on my list for a long time, mostly because I have been dying to go swimming with the Whale Sharks! The whale sharks were amazing, but I also discovered there is sooo much more to this awesome island than just the whale sharks! The island and town are both so charming. The town is so small you can walk and bike everywhere! There aren’t even cars on the island. Here is everything I loved about the island!


Whale Sharks

Starting off with the main event. The whale sharks were incredible. We did our tour through VIP Holbox, which was great.  Going out to the whale sharks was more of a journey than I thought. The are are not simply off the coast. It took maybe 2 hours to boat out to them. Because of regulations, you can only be on a small motor boat, so you get hit by the waves pretty hard. Once you are stopped in the shark waters, the massive rolling waves will throw you around so I would definitely recommend something like Dramamine. It was much more intense then I expected it would be.

Everything was so worth it though. The time in the water with the sharks is short, but incredible!


Punta Mosquito

Punta Mosquito was one of my favorite places on the Island. It takes a while to get all the way out there but it was worth it. I seriously felt like we were on some adventure getting there though. First we had to bike as far along the beach as we could go, until we got to a river. Then we locked our bikes, and waded through the river, and walked down the beach a bit further, then the beach ended and we had to walk out into the water and maybe walk a mile through the ocean on a sandbar. We passed flamingos, and seriously this part of the walk was beautiful, maybe my favorite part! It took maybe 2 hours, but we finally reached Punta Mosquito, and it was incredible! The beach was miles long, and there was not ONE SINGLE PERSON IN SIGHT. I’ve never experienced such a beautiful and deserted beach. I guess no one else wanted to put in the effort to get there that day. It was amazing.


Punta Coco

This was maybe my favorite beach to hang out on. It was very accessible (either a half hour walk, or short bike ride), but still relatively quiet. The sandbar is massive, so you can walk so far out into the water.



If you visit Holbox in August, you will have the pleasure of experiencing bioluminescence! The best spot to see the bioluminescence is Punta Coco. Just wait for the sun to go down and the sky to get completely dark, and then the water will glow.  You need to go swimming in the water, and watch the water light up all around you. It looks like you’re swimming in a sea of stars. It’s things like these that make you think about just how cool and weird this planet it.



Of course, you will want to hang in the iconic hammocks on Holbox. They are all over the island.  Most people go for the hammocks on Holbox beach, but the best ones are at Punta Coco. It’s much quieter there, so the hammocks aren’t as swarmed. There are also a few in front of Hotel Zomay, which aren’t as bad as the hammocks on the main beach.



First of all, GUACAMOLE. It was so good. Every place killed it with the guac. And ceviche. I don’t normally like fish, but the ceviche wa sso fresh and good. They also served us barracuda ceviche on our whale shark tour which was awesome.Other placed I loved include: Limoncito Breakfast, Taco Queto (so cheap!), El Hornito Argento (Lobster Pizza!), Tierra Mia Juice, and Cantina la isla del Colibri. Don’t forget to hang out at cool beach bars with swing  chairs! My favorite was Hotel Zomay Beach Bar.


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