Faroe Islands

16 Things to do in the Faroe Islands


Torshavn is the cutest little capital. Have you ever seen a parliament with grass roofs? You need to come to Torshavn so you can. From good food, to lit nightlife Torshavn has everything. More on Torshavn here!


G! Fest

Nordic Coachella! This is the Faroe Island’s music festival, that practically everyone attends in August. More about the festival here!



Mykines is an absolutely must do in the Faroe Islands. I’ve never been so close to puffins in my life. They are overwhelmingly adorable. Read all about Mykines here!




This has got to be one of the best hikes in the Faroe Islands. I’ve never seen such an incredible view.  More on the hike here!



Doing a day trip to Kalsoy is on almost everyone’s Faroe Islands itinerary. The Kalsoy lighthouse hike is iconic.  Read more all about Kalsoy and the hike here.



This is the iconic lake, that when you hike to a certain point, you have an optical illusion of the lake appearing to be on a cliff just above the ocean.  The hike itself offers many gorgeous views beyond just the optical illusion.

In order to spot the optical illusion, you will need to hike up the side of the cliff facing the lake.  Be careful not to get too close to the edge! The ideal viewpoint is only half way up the cliffside.



This is the other iconic Faroe Islands photo that everyone gets. Unfortunately for us, the day we went a cloud was covering the mountain that is usually in the background of everyone’s photos. I was not as impressed with the view in real life as I had been with the photos I saw on blogs, but maybe it was just the weather!



This is a super easy stop that is not far from Torshavn. Kirkjubour is the oldest settlement in the Faroe Islands.  They have some beautiful old houses that are great for photos, and the ruins of an old, very large cathedral.


Vestmanna Cliffs Tour

This is one thing I was not particularly excited to do, but ended up being one of my absolute favorite things we did. I can’t recommend it enough. The scenery was so dramatic and beautiful. You won’t be able to see these type of cliff faces unless you go out to sea.


Look at the sheepies

Of course, after a few day in the faroes, we started calling the sheeps “sheepies” lovingly.

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This is an absolute MUST in the Faroe Islands. This is the most gorgeous town. It is on a beach in a fjord.  You can either stop by for a quick hang on the beach, but I would totally recommend staying one night. Sunset here is beautiful! We stayed at one of my all time favorite AirBnBs. It was the cutest, little cozy cottage with a grass roof. This town is just very peaceful, and a fun place to stay.


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Klaksvik is the other major town in the Faroe Islands. While it isn’t necessarily brimming with things to do, it is a good jumping point for exploring northern areas and Kalsoy. we loved Cafe Frida in Klaksvik too! We also stayed at a very cool AirBnB that was converted from an old boat house near Klaksvik.

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This is another small town that is worth a visit. It is known for being very photogenic. This town was A LOT busier than Tjornuvik, even though Tjornuvik was probably cuter in my opinion. The hike to the scenic overlook is very easy, so that makes this a worthwhile stop.

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Saksun is home ot the most photographed house in the Faroe Islands. Unfortunately, I could not figure out how to get to it. It was like on a cliff, also we got hit with some dense fog VERY quickly. Like within 20 minutes of rolling in to town.  We did the walk at low tide out to the ocean and it was beautiful, and quiet eerie with the fog, but worth it. Also, someones horses got loose in the fog and were running down the road we were trying to drive on, it was pretty comical.

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Eat at Gardahusid

We did not often splurge on food in the Faroe Islands, but this was so worth it. It was honestly the best soup I ever had. This is a small restaurant run by a woman out of her house. You should go here for a taste of authentic Faroese cooking.  Advance reservations only!

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Try to take a helicopter ride

In the Faroe Islands, helicopter rides are only like $30. The catch is you can only take them one way.  Also, they often cancel the flights if the weather is not great (which is often). Emily and I had our helicopter cancelled on two different occasions. So it may be worth it to build a few potential flights in to your plan so you don’t have to worry about missing out.  I am bummed we couldn’t go.

Find your secret spots!

There are so many great off the beaten path spots in the Faroe Islands with spectacular views.You just need to keep your eyes peeled.

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