Faroe Islands

A Brief Guide to Torshavn: My Favorite European Capital

Torshavn really stole my heart. Seriously, though, how can I move there? It is one of Europe’s smallest capitals with a population around 14,000, but it still has a great food culture, and great night life.


There are barely any hostels in the Faroe Islands, let alone a nice one.  There are some hotels in torshavn, but they are quite expensive. AirBnBs run high too. However, you can find some deals if you are willing to book a private room rather than your own place.  Emily and I did just that, and it ended up being the best AirBnB experience I ever had. Our host was wonderful, and I feel like we really got a glimpse at the really Torshavn life. We even ran in to our host around the city and at the G! Fest, and spent some time talking to her. We loved it.



Food is so expensive in Torshavn, we were constantly eating at cheap places to save money. We did splurge on one nice dinner at Etika Sushi, and it was fantastic! The fish is so fresh, especially the salmon (obviously).



You would be surprised to find out that Torshavn has a bumping nightlife. I think they go harder in Torshavn than they do in NYC. We learned a few things about the nightlife while we were there.A great spot to start drinking/pre-gaming is the Mikkeller tap room. Both locals and tourists spend time here.  We met people from the US, a group of international chefs who were all seasonal workers at Kox (the fanciest michelin star restaurant in the Faroes), and even ran in to our AirBnB host here. In terms of the actual going out scene, on Fridays, everyone goes to Sirkus, which is like a dive bar. It was packed with locals and tourists. On Saturdays, everyone goes to Luux, which is a more of a traditional night club. We stayed out until closing, 4am both nights as did pretty much all young people in the city.  Young Faroese people are so eager to talk to visitors, you can pretty easily make friends and even get invited to an after party. Also, since the sun rises at 3am, people kind of wander around the street at 4am after closing just hanging out.



You have to at least stop by and browse Gudrun & Gudrun, the Faroe Islands premier wool sweater designer.  They have some traditional looking sweaters, and some sweaters that look more high fashion. If you are planning to buy a sweater in the Faroes, this is the place to do it. I got a very simple navy sweater with a zipper on one side of the neck and a Faroe Islands flag sewn on one sleeve.  Later on I realized this sweater was mostly worn by men. I liked, it anyways, and got a lot of compliments on it.



The cities main port is a great place for some photos.



Tiganes is Torshavn’s ancient parliament, and it is the cutest little parliament I’ve ever seen! All the houses have grass roofs. So many photo ops!


The Cathedral

I’ve seen some really grand cathedrals in europe, and by those standards, this one is quiet quaint. And yet, this may be one of my favorite churches in europe.  The unique and ceiling with stars, and hanging ship models make this place beautiful.


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