Faroe Islands

Villingadalsfjall: Faroe Islands Best Hike

Overlooking the small town of Vidareidi is one of the tallest  mountains in the Faroe Islands. Emily and I spent a couple days debating whether or not to even do the hike, as we found a lot of information online saying we should “hire a guide.” Guides cost a few hundred dollars so no thanks, but we also didn’t want to get into something we couldn’t handle. We decided to wait until we had a sunny day, and then wet for it.  As soon as we started, we were very happy we did not hire a guide. It would have been so unnecessary. The hike was very hard, but straight forward. I will, say however, locals are very protective of tourists in the Faroes because there have been a history of hiking accidents. Cape Eddinburg, which diverges from Villingadalsfjall is one of the most dangerous in the world, and should have a guide, as it is easy to get lost.

Despite the fact that Villingsadalsfjall can be done without a guide, you should bring extra water as this is a long hike, and you have to go on a day with no fog. If fog does roll in, turn back. Fog has been the main cause of hiker accidents in the Faroes.


There were other hikers on the mountain with us, but they are few, so you have lots of solitude for the hike. The hike was very steep which made it difficult, but if you are in good hiking shape, it will still be enjoyable. While I became tired, I never felt that the hike was impossible. The hike took us about three and a half hours.


I encourage anyone who attempts this hike to push yourself to complete it. The view is one of THE BEST views I have ever seen. We were able to see almost all of the Faroe Islands from the top. It was incredible.


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