Faroe Islands

Puffin Paradise: Mykines Day Trip

I’ll start by saying that we had to make two separate attempts to visit Mykines. Our first ferry was cancelled due to weather and the sea being too rough. We rejiggered our itinerary to fit our Mykines day in elsewhere, but it was worth it because it was sooo awesome. Definitely one of the top highlights of our trip to the Faroe Islands.


We read a lot about how the hike can take hours to do, but it was a lot shorter than I expected it to be. If you are in good hiking shape it should be super quick and easy for you.  What will take up a lot of time on the island is cooing over all the PUFFINS! I was unprepared for how close you are able to get to them here. When climbing down the side of the mountain you are straight up walking through a puffin colony, and they are so cute!



The end of the hike has quite a nice view, and it is worth going all the way out for it, but if your short on time the high light is definitely having the chance to see the puffins.


Also we met some Americans who were only taking the Mykines ferry out and back immediately without staying on the island for even an hour. Not sure what the point of that is. Don’t do that. You have to see the puffins if you come to Mykines.


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  1. Emily, You are a super photographer and journalist! I love your blogs, please a Ways keep me in your loop…..I hope one day you can find time to come to Summit/Chatham for an over do visit…..I. miss you……love, Grammy

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