Faroe Islands

Why You Should go to the Faroe Islands G! Fest

In the middle of me and Emily’s rigorous planning for our Faroe Islands trip, she sent me a link to a music festival that we would be in the country for. I was skeptical at first. Visiting music festivals while travelling isn’t usually how I spend trips, plus I was doubtful that any music festival would ever compare to Coachella. But I became convinced, because it was relatively cheap and I thought it would be an interesting twist to an otherwise, mostly hiking trip.


But wow, I am so glad we went, it ended up being one of the highlights of our trip. I lovingly dubbed it Nordic Coachella, which might be the perfect way to describe it. The outfits people were wearing was a perfect mesh of Nordic sweaters, with cliche Coachella looks i.e. flower crowns. Between hot tubs on the beach, decent music, and all around good vibes, I can say this was one of my all time favorite travel experiences. Here is why you should go:

The Whole Country is There

Maybe this is a slight exaggeration, but only slightly! Pretty much every person we met in the week before the festival told us they were planning to attend. When we jokingly told Faroese people that it seemed like the whole country was here, they would reply, ‘actually, yea pretty much.’ The festival grounds itself is not large, so we managed to run in to a few different friends we had made before the festival, including our AirBnb host/mom from Torshavn , who we absolutely adored.


People from All over the (Nordic) World are There

Not only is the whole country at the festival, but there are a decent amount people from other countries there for the festival. We met lots of Germans, Danes, and Norwegians.

Hot Tubs on the Beach

This festival is so chill. I don’t know if there are any other festivals in the world where you can drink a beer in a hot tub on a beach in a fjord WHILE also having a view of the stage. So sweet. And if I’m wrong and there are festivals like that elsewhere, LMK, cause I want to go. Of course, we had to polar plunge. We sprinted into the ocean and I immediately lost feeling in my legs. Luckily, I could sprint right back in the hot tubs.



Going in to the festival, I basically didn’t know any of the bands playing, but a lot of them were actually really good.  I am now actually a fan of Scarlet Pleasure, a Danish band, that we heard at the festival. They were amazing. We also saw Ulfur Ulfur, and Icelandic rap duo, who were really good and really fun to watch, despite the fact I had 0% knowledge of what they were saying. Just know that it sounded cool.


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