Northern Iceland Highlights: The Troll Peninsula

On my Iceland round two trip, we only had four days, so we decided to spend the majority of our time up north because that we weren’t as familiar with that area. We stayed in Akureyri while exploring the region.  We spent a whole day driving the circumference of the Troll Peninsula, and it is actually now one of my favorite places in Iceland! It feels like an authentic experience in that you are exploring small towns, and more local spots. We only saw a few other tourists while driving.



This small town was so picturesque.  We had lunch at the Harbor House Cafe, which we loved, and some sailor Icelandic man insisted on buying us beers even though he spoke no English and could not communicate with us. LOL.

There is also a Herring Era Museum and the old factory buildings are very cool!


The Driving View

Don’t forget to pull over for some pics!

Hofsos Swimming Pool

This must be the world’s most gorgeous swimming pool. It overlooks a fjord.  Not many words are needed with these pictures.

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  1. Thank you, Em. For your wonderful Icelandic trip travel log…….do you know that Iceland Is where they did the Moon landing simulations, years ago? Hope you are doing well, would love to see you, and whoever else with you, for a visit and Lunch or dinner… day! Love always from Grammy….🤗🤗

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