Upper East Side Neighborhood Guide

I’ve been living on the UES for four years now and I am finally moving! I’m super excited to explore a new neighborhood, but I will miss Yorkville (for those that don’t know, Yorkville is a smaller sub-neighborhood of the UES, east of 3rd Ave, between 79th and 96th street).  This article is a short ode to the neighborhood I called home for the last four years. While Yorkville wasn’t particularly “cool” I appreciated it for its neighborhood like feel, lack of crowds, and hidden gems.


Blake Lane – Popular California Style restaurant, with decor that makes it looks like an Instagram model would eat there.

Sarabeth’s – A New York class, but native to the UES. Amazing jams, avocado toast, and brunch cocktails.


Naruto Ramen – Good ramen in a cozy restaurant.

Meijin Ramen – One of my all time favorites. Definitely one of the best ramen spots in the city, but flies somewhat under the radar because it is on the UES.

The Bagel Shop (on 93rd and 3rd) – Because bagels are life.


Three Little Red Hens – A popular bakery, specializing in cakes and cupcakes.

Schaller Stube’s Sausage Bar – Specialty Bratwurst stand (with seating in the back).


Glasers – Super popular bakery from the 1920s. Unfortunately, they are permanently closing down in July of this year. They  have wonderful pastries. I especially, love the doughnuts :).


Libertador – Authentic Argentinian steakhouse.

JG Melon – Famous burger restaurant on the UES. Honestly, one of the best burgers you will get in NYC. They keep it so simple, but it is so good.



Infirmary – NOLA themed restaurant with a ton a specialty cocktails and good happy hour vibe.

UES. – Ok, I actually thought this was just an ice cream shop when it first opened, but it’s actually a speakeasy! Everything is Upper East Side themed, which I love. Just ask if you can volunteer in the storage room ;).


Penrose – A cool gastropub with unique cocktails, and popular on a Friday or Saturday night.

Stumble Inn – Dirt cheap beer on Saturday afternoons, and beer pong!

Auction House – One of my favorite spots in Yorkville. The vibe is similar to Jane, in that you feel like your in an old mansion. It has weird old paintings on the wall and fancy furniture.


Carl Shurz – A much quieter alternative to Central Park, with some special nooks.


87th Street – One of my favorite streets in Yorkville, for the colorful town houses.


Madison Ave – It doesn’t get more UES than Madison Ave.



DTUT – Coffee shop by day, bar by night. This place is one of my all time faves in Yorkville. It feels like something that belongs in Brooklyn. A living room-esque seating area with a projector playing 90s movies on the weekend. Slam Poetry on Sunday nights. and most importantly, you can order a s’mores kit and they will give you a small flame with sticks, marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers.  SO AWESOME.

Cafe Jax – A quiet cafe for doing work.

Mellow Yellow – This middle eastern style coffee shop has great food, treats, and coffee.


Must Do

Central Park – This is a given, but definitely check out the conservatory garden.


The Met – The Met will always be my favorite museum in the city. French impressionism, American historic art, and the Egyptian wing are my favorite parts.

The Frick – A smaller, more intimate museum, the greatest part of the Frick is that it’s in an old mansion.



Ryan’s Daughter – An Irish dive bar, that is always lively on the weekends.

Five Mile Stone – The best place to hit up if you want a night of dancing t o turn of the millennium classics.


You know you love me. XOXO, Far From Harbor

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