Six Things to do in Yangon

Yangon was a much busier city than I was expecting. I thought Yangon, and Myanmar in general, would feel similar to the other countries in SEA that I have visited. For starters, it is much more conservative politically, and culturally. The short shorts you can get away wearing in Bangkok would draw a lot of stares on the streets in Myanmar, and condescension at the religious sites. The streets were narrow, and there was a lot of hustle bustle. My brother said to reminded him of Delhi, but a little more low-key. I have never visited India, but I could understand some of the parallels. In all honestly, Yangon was actually a bit much for me, and not one of my favorite places.  It may have partially been because we had a little too much time there.  However, there were still a few places I really enjoyed.

See Schwedagon Pagoda at Sunset. Obviously this place is beautiful.  We visited twice.  It’s especially beautiful at sunset.  We stayed for a very long time. It is believed to be more than 2,500 years old and contain relics from 4 previous buddhas.


Visit Yangon Yangon Rooftop Lounge. Go at sunset for nice sweeping city view.



Wander the Streets for a bit. This was fun for a bit. Until it got scorching hot and unbearable.


Eat at Shan Noodle 999. Really good and cheap noodles.


Visit Bogyoke Park. The bridges over the water are kind of janky. George almost fell through a hole! But it was really fun, and it is beautiful at sunset!


See the Reclining Buddha.



What to Skip:

  1. The circle train.  I don’t know why people say this is fun. It was cool for maybe like 15 minutes, but then we were stuck for another couple hours.  The train circles out in to the suburbs, where you get a glimpse of some of the extreme poverty in Yangon. Tourists were snapping photos. I’ve never really understood how some people find poverty a tourist attraction. I imagine them showing these photos to their friends back home. What do they say with it? “Look how poor these people are”?
  2. National Museum. Kind of boring.

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