I’m Team Mystic

The city is heating up to its usual miserable 90s with extreme humidity, so perfect weekend to go explore a different northeastern town. I had been dying to visit Mystic, Connecticut, full disclosure, mostly because of the movie.  But then, after a little online reading, I learned it is supposed to be a quaint New England town, with an old historic seaport, and ranked one of the top places to visit in Connecticut!

PS yes, the title is a reference to Pokemon Go

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Mystic has a history of whaling. One of the coolest things to do was climb aboard the Charles W Morgan and old whaling ship. The lower deck was so cramped I can’t imagine how men literally spent years living on this.  Not to mention the dirty dirty work they did of boiling whale fat and how gross that must have been.

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The town of Mystic is obviously so cute.  Lot’s of little eclectic shops, and galleries.


And obviously, you can’t not to got Mystic Pizza. The movie is the first time I even heard of Mystic, CT (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you need to see the movie because it’s a Julia Roberts classic and she is amazing).  The restaurant was surprisingly, not very busy. Probs because the movie is now like almost 20 years old.  Apparently in the late eighties early nineties, there would be a line down the street to get in to this place.


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