Periwinkle Skies on the Patagonian Steppe

When you think of Patagonia, you think of big, stoney, peaks, the massive andes mountain range, and piercing blue lakes, but I have to give a shoutout to the most underrated piece of Patagonia – the steppe.  Even though the steppe actually makes up the vast majority of the region we consider Patagonia, we don’t see much of it in photos.

Cerro Fitz Roy and Torres Del Paine are so dramatic, this is obviously what will be most shared, but I wanted to give some appreciation to the Patagonian steppe, because it is incredibly beautiful, even if most people only see it while sitting on a bus from one location to another.
This one is my fave.  I call it Periwinkle Skies.
I loved the way the yellow earth contrasted againts the deep blue mountains in the background, and I swear, I’ve never seen such massive clouds!  Watching mountain sized clouds, roll across the plains over the tiny cows or guanacos looked almost ominous, but majestic (in a non-cheesy way).
I loved  when at sunrise we had beautiful periwinkle skies, and rays  of light would breaking through the clouds to light up the vibrant blue lakes. The landscape seemed ironically colorful.  I would say, that the steppe can definitely hold it’s own against Cerro Fitz Roy.

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