My Favorites Instagrams of 2015 and Resolutions for the New Year!

2015 has been one of my biggest travel years. Being in the real world can be hard, but you have the benefit of having vacation days to use at your discretion, and your own money. Put the two together and you’re in prime condition to travel where, when, and how you want.  Being just 23 years old helps with that too.

I visited six new countries this year (Argentina, Uruguay, Iceland, France, Denmark, Sweden), and one new continent (South America).  On top of that I took a few weekend trips around the US, some places I’ve visited before (Maine) and one totally new city (New Orleans).

If I had to pick my favorite trip this year, I would probably have to say Iceland.  The country is absolutely amazing.  Every day we saw or did something completely new. But, I have to admit, Argentina was a close second.  This was the first time I had ever visited South America and I loved it; I can’t wait to see more.  But then again, I feel guilty for not ranking my first visit to Paris up here.  Paris was in no way underrated.  Although I say Iceland was my favorite trip of the year, Iceland, Argentina, and Paris were all amazing, and were not interchangeable.  All three places were very different, so to compare them or rank them is difficult.

Here are my ten favorite Instagrams from this year, in no particular order:


Taken during my very short six hour trip to Uruguay


Taken from the top of One World Observatory.  You can see a faint reflection of my arm and camera.

Notre Dame

Ah the River Seine and Notre Dame.  I like the way the editing made this photo look almost like a water color painting.


The classic Nyhavn photo.  A little cliche, but I had to do it.  It was an easy shot for a great photo.


Seydisfjordur – I’m still not completely sure how to pronounce that.  Beautiful fjords make easy pictures.


Tivoli Gardens!


My friend Kelsey in Scarborough, Maine.  It is no wonder Winslow Homer used this place as inspiration.


View of Versailles from the gardens.


My friend Emily in Copenhagen.  I love the candid happiness of this photo.


Marie Antionette’s bedroom.  Decoration inspo right here.


Finally, looking forward, I have my travel and blog resolutions for 2016:

  1. Keep up with posting – I have been so bad at posting.  I fall behind all the time due to the fact that I work full time, and this is simply a hobby blog.  I have so many thoughts for posts on Paris, but haven’t even gotten to them yet! I am resolved to catch up, and then make sure I stay on top of getting new posts out in a timely manner.
  2. Take a Solo Trip – I really want to take a solo trip because everyone says it is such a great learning experience etc. But, at the same time, I am nervous that I would get lonely or bored.  I guess the only way to find out is try it out!
  3. Experience more of New York – I live in a city that is universally known as one of the greatest cities in the world, and I take that for granted.  There is so much to see and I have a long New York bucket list, so this year i want to take advantage of living here and see/do more.
  4. See more US cities – sometimes I forget that travelling doesn’t have to be just to far flung exotic places. I want to take advantage of potential weekend trips and see more of the US, particularly the south.
  5. Quality Travel over Quantity – I’ve always been obsessed with the idea of adding new stamps to my passport and countries to my list, but I think when we rush from country to county, we fail to absorb everything the country has to offer, and truly appreciate the culture – and isn’t that the entire part of travelling.  This coming year (and always) I want to make an effort to not be so hung up on increasing my country count, but instead revisit countries and getting a deeper understanding for each country and all that it offers.


Here’s to a great 2015, and hopefully an even better 2016!


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