An Afternoon with the Pandas at Wolong

My visit to the Wolong Panda Reserve while staying in Chengdu taught me two things – pandas are cute and also the laziest things that have ever existed.  Growing up in San Diego, people always made such a big deal about the pandas at our zoo.  Well this panda reserve puts the San Diego Zoo to shame, and if you love pandas, you definitely need to come see this place.

The reserve is huge and has many different enclosures for all of their pandas.  These pandas are so pampered, they are treated like royalty.  The Chinese really love their pandas, and pour a lot of money into their preservation.  The WoLong Panda Reserve is world famous. Even Shaq visited!


Yes, you can be just like Shaq and take a picture with a Panda if you make a nice few hundred-dollar donation. I considered it, but then passed. It was a lot of money, but I kind of wish I had done it since a picture with a panda is pretty priceless.


How is it possible to be this lazy and so cute


These pandas are literally so incredibly lazy. They lay around all day, and then when they get hungry they walked over to their pre-chopped up bamboo and eat it while lying down. If you really ponder pandas’ existence, it’s a miracle they have managed to not go extinct yet. Without the care of human beings, they probably would be completely gone! Essentially, pandas are too lazy to take care of themselves, but humans think they are so adorable that we coddle them and turn them into large furry babies. Pandas are so lazy, that they won’t even naturally mate with each other, so the species is being kept alive by artificial insemination.


Can’t be bothered to sit up straight while eating


Now these guys are gonna join


Now everyone is laying down and eating

If it weren’t for humans loving how adorable pandas are, who knows if they would still be alive. But how could you not love this little fluff balls! The baby pandas were my favorite.



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